Grief degrees and Kevin Bacon

I went to a new place to get a pedicure today and ran into Kevin Bacon.  It was not the real live “Footloose” star, but a photo of him and wife Kyra doling out mashed potatoes at a homeless shelter before Thanksgiving in one of those glossy magazines we only read when we are at the salon. Needless to say, the magazines at this location had seen better days, since this one was circa December 2014.

Kevin and Kyra looked magazine perfect. ladle poised in mid-air with a messy scoop of starchy tubers and aprons looking clean. It made you wonder if their publicist set it up. I prefer to think they’re just nice folks who wanted to give back to their community.

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I had also read they recently celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. What really struck me about the article was that Kevin celebrated the number of weeks they were married, something like 1,404 to date. My late husband James was famous for doing the same thing. Only he celebrated the day of the week we had met. Every Tuesday I was wished a happy anniversary with the number of weeks tabulated:  80, 248, 464. I still use the calendar that he had marked with every week’s milestone in red ink the weeks we had and would be together in the future year.

We did not have nearly as many weeks as Kyra and Kevin, or most of my friends who have been with their partners for decades, but I guess it is simply a matter of degree. Ours had been a late in life blooming and although I often feel cheated out of time with him way too early, our weeks were full of quality moments.

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