Blowing out the year

In Iceland, it’s a tradition on New Year’s Eve to light massive bonfires and shoot off fireworks. This is called “blowing out the year.”

New Year’s Eve is also considered the most magical night of the year in that cold country  – folklore goes that cows supposedly talk, seals take on human form and the dead rise from the grave.

I love this idea of the supernatural, but more so the idea of pouring gasoline on the previous year, striking the tinder, making ashes of it so that the next one can hopefully, rise like a newborn Phoenix. So many disappointments have unfolded this year both personal, political- and just glance at the news for the latest tragedy of the minute.

The comedian John Oliver recently summed it up best. If you have not seen this clip about what a truly terrible year this has been, give it a view. You’ll understand too what I really wanted to name this blog.


I know New Year’s is historically a time to look toward a better year. The Scottish call it “first footing” wherein you ensure the person who first crosses your threshold after midnight be someone of good fortune, such as a new mother or handsome stranger. (My practical mind says new mothers are too tired to stay up that late, and if you open your door to a stranger you’re likely gonna get a nasty surprise… just sayin’.)

I’m adopting a wait and see attitude about 2017. What else can we do? In Spain if you can manage to stuff 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight on New Year’s Eve you’re ensured good fortune. I’ve sooo got this.

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