Calling all Angels

I had asked my husband once why, with the plethora of terms of endearment – honey, sweetheart, babe, pookie – he called me his angel.

“Because you save me every day,” was his simple reply.

I mentioned in a January post that my friend Pam, had come up with this “six and six” idea, where we try something new together every month.  Last night, we went to the local high school and took an “Angels are all around us,” type class.

I entered the media center of the school (I missed the memo that libraries are now called media centers) and met our teacher, a kind-looking woman who is also a Reiki Master, and waited for Pam.  As it turned out, we were the only pupils in the class and so had her undivided astral attention.

Many people believe that spirit angels are around us all of the time.  There could be one, or many.  They have names, and a gender association, but are not in the traditional human form we were shown in bible school.

“It’s OK to ask your angels for advice and guidance,” she said as we got into this topic.  I had trouble with this initially.  It seemed awfully self-serving and petty to ask an enlightened being for help finding my glasses or for a better parking spot at the mall, but apparently, that’s what they’re for.

Our instructor had lost her sister five years ago, and was seeing signs everywhere.  She showed us a stack of photos of heart-shaped and butterfly-shaped stones, snow formations, fog on the glass of her living room window – all signs, she knew, that her sister was still with her in spirit.

I can believe that.  After all, I had some experiences once James had passed, that were too coincidental to brush off.  There was the acorn thingy I had once posted about.

However, when she started to show us pictures she had taken of vanity car license plates with sayings like “gogirl” and “livefree” and said those were signs to her, Pam and I both agreed afterwards, well, maybe that’s a stretch.

After a lively conversation around angels, the hereafter and lost loved ones (I never said I was Molly Sunshine) Pam and I settled on the floor for a hypnosis session wherein we would invite our own personal angel(s) to come forward.  We laid down on the library/media center floor with our blankets and pillows and tried to relax.  It was hard! (To relax and the floor.)  It’s difficult to still the voices of our egos, which are trying to crowd our thoughts.  I was reviewing work conversations from the day, or thinking of the drive home and what I would eat when I got there (Skittles).

Our instructor guided us with questions to invite in our angels and ask them their names (no response), how many were there (I think three), and for them to be open to helping us with life’s many travails (I can only hope).

pexels-photoI did not see anything but some swirling blue light.  The instructor said afterwards that was an angel sign.  I think I may have three angels – or it could simply be that I had talked earlier about how James was obsessed with the number three.

Pam was not totally sure if she was visited either.  She did see some sort of white, amoeba-like pattern once she was supine, but again who knows?

I think this is a practice that needs to be practiced to be appreciated.  We were first timers as Pam pointed out, not having spent a lifetime of seeing signs and having spiritual visitations, as our instructor had.

Like a muscle never properly flexed, perhaps it is simply a matter of training.  I like to think I’m open-minded enough to keep trying.  Pam and I have agreed to carve out time to clear our thoughts and invite in our angels.  We’ll compare notes as we go along.

After all, what do we have to lose?

2 thoughts on “Calling all Angels

  1. I love thinking of James hovering around you as your guardian angel. He’s got enormous wings and a beatific smile.


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